APSC Results 30th April and 1st May

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A really pleasing weekend for the Parkers with both the Seniors and Reserves winning on Saturday.

Sunday results were also positive, the Women flying the flag with their 2nd win of the season, getting up in a goal fest at the State Football Centre, the 3’s and 4’s both drew against good opposition and the only loss of the weekend was the Parkeros going down away at Sandringham.

Seniors – 3-1 (W)

Reserves – 5-1 (W)

Women – 6-4 (W)

3’s – 2-2

4’s – 2-2

Parkeros – 2-1 (L)

4’s Captain/Coach, Dean Lang, has put in an early contendor for mishit of the season with his 25 yard goal (video below)

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